Yes, we are doing YC SBHC!  At this small clinic in

Yamhill, we see patients, both students and a limited number

community members, during the school year on scheduled

days when school is in session (see YC district calendar or call

for dates open or closures).

120 N Larch Pl.

Yamhill, OR 97148

(503) 852-6960

Why a School Based Health Center?

Healthy kids learn better. School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) ensure that kids can get the care they need, without missing much class time.  SBHCs are part of the safety net clinic network that serves our children to help ensure they get into care, and we at Sunrise Family Clinic believe in the importance of children getting the care they need.

We recognize that SBHCs are a unique health care model for comprehensive physical, mental and preventive health services provided to youth and adolescents on school property. With easy access to health care in a school setting, SBHCs reduce barriers such as cost, transportation, and concerns that often keep children and youth from seeking the health services they need. YC SBHC provides a full range of physical, mental and preventative health services to all students, regardless of their ability to pay** (**from Oregon SBHC website).

For more info about SBHCs and services they offer, check out the Oregon School Based Health Allianceor Oregon School Based Health Centers.

Sports Physical Information

Want to prevent your child/teen from missing the first practices of their sport?  Make sure their sports physical is up to date!  Check with the school or their coach to see when their physical expires (sports physicals last 2 years).  

Important info to know: Sports physicals are not covered by insurance.  There are several ways that this can be handled:

- Have a well child/well teen exam if your child has not had one in the last year – this is preferred both because it is covered by insurance (typically with no co-pay or deductible, as even insurance companies recognize that prevention is very important) and because it allows your child/teen to have a comprehensive exam that can help catch things early (and at the SBHC helps us meet our state requirements as an SBHC).
- If your child/teen does get an annual physical by a different primary care provider, see if they can/will complete the physical exam paperwork at that time, or you can call afterward and see if they are able to back date it to their last physical.  
- If you already had your annual and your provider declines completing the paperwork, or you have no insurance, you can get a sports physical at the SBHC or at your primary care office.  At your primary care office, cost is variable, check with their policies.  At YC SBHC, it costs $50 at the time of the visit, or, if this is a financial hardship for your family, you can complete financial hardship paperwork to request a discount.

Please be aware that sports physicals are not considered an urgent same day matter, so plan ahead!  If space allows, we may be able to get students in on the same day, or typically schedule one for the following day that we are open at the SBHC, but we do not typically consider them urgent walk in appointments (unlike injuries, sore throats, UTIs, etc.).

Are you accepting new patients at YC SBHC?

The short answer is some.  We accept:

- Children under 19 and living in the Yamhill Carlton school district regardless of insurance (you can apply for a hardship if no insurance or an insurance such as Kaiser that we are unable to accept, but we will not refuse to see you based on inability to pay)

- Students and staff members at YC

- Established patients at YC SBHC

- If we have openings and you have an insurance that we accept

- Unfortunately, we are not able to accept new adult patients with Oregon Health Plan or Medicare at this time as our NPs' panels are full (our percentage of patients with these insurances are already much higher than most private offices).   Additionally, our office policy prevents treatment for chronic pain management with narcotics or other scheduled substances.

What happens if I am a patient at YC SBHC and it is not a school day and/or not a day the SBHC is open?

As a SBHC patient, you are also a Sunrise Family Clinic patient, so can be seen at the main office, assuming there are appointments available (we encourage you to call early, before all our same day appointments are filled).  You can also always call the main office or go on your patient portal to schedule appointments, cancel appointments, etc.

If you have an alternate primary care provider, you can also access care there - we work with students' primary care providers as much as possible, communicating with them as much as possible, so that students receive the best possible care.

Speaking of appointments, do you accept walk ins?

Again, it depends.  During SBHC hours, we always accept YC student walk in appointments.  If you are a community member, we strongly encourage you to call.  If we have appointments available, we will try to get you in, but students are our priority.

What about billing?

Sunrise Family Clinic wants patients to receive the care they need, regardless of ability to pay.  For students, we do not refuse care for inability to pay. We are required to follow applicable billing laws and rules (ie. we must collect co-pays per insurance requirements), but a sliding scale and hardship applications are available for all patients, with or without insurance, if affording care is a hardship.

What is a nurse practitioner?

We love nurse practitioners and prefer to see them!  Why?  They are clinical experts who practice independently, sharing many of the same job functions as medical doctors, physician assistants, and naturopaths in that they diagnose and treat acute and chronic health conditions, but they usually have an added, patient focused emphasis on holistic care and disease prevention. 
Jacqui, Noelle, and Lisa are experienced health care providers who together combine nearly 50 years in the health care field.

For more information, check out our Nurse Practitioners page.

YC SBHC Hours:

Tuesday: 8:30am-5:00pm

Thursday: 8:30am-12:00pm

(dental and reception only  Thursdays)

Friday: 8:30am-2:00pm


Providing excellent and caring health care in partnership with patients and families!