Providing excellent and caring health care in partnership with patients and families!


About Sunrise Family Clinic

Sunrise Family Clinic is the office of Jacqui Terrill Cooke, FNP-C, CNM and Dr. Noelle McLaughlin, DNP, where our team strives to provide excellent and caring health care in partnership with patients and families. 

There is currently a wait list for new patients with private insurance, but if you are a patient with private insurance interested in joining this highly rated practice, please call to get on the list.  We always accept new babies  with any insurance type.  This fall, we plan to add a new nurse practitioner to our staff, and she will be accepting new patients again that time.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept new adult patients with Oregon Health Plan or Medicare at this time as our panels are full, and we do not do chronic pain management with narcotics.

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