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Stress Reduction and Mental Health:

     Psychology Today(find a therapist by insurance, background, specialty, and many other filters)​         Manage stress for health(ways to promote resilience, including huge playbook)

     Practice good self care(healthy choices and coping mechanisms by L. Bingham, FNP)

     Healthy sleep habits (good sleep is vital to mental health)

​     Virtual EMDR is a home based EMDR program.  EMDR is a great way to help process old

     trauma: EEG tracings show that the eye movements (much like in REM sleep) elicit a

     synchronization of all cortical activity at a frequency in the delta range like slow-wave sleep.

     EMDR temporarily slows your over-stimulated amygdala down and synchronizes your brain 

     waves helping you process the traumatic memory.

     E-couch is a reasonably prices (one time rather than membership) that provides training in

     cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and psychoeducation,

     which are evidence based treatments for depression and anxiety disorders 

​     Adolescent DBT Skills training: From website mindful mind and body - workbook that helps

     teach teens DBT skills.

     Gambling problems?  Yamhill County provides a full-service outpatient gambling treatment

     program with State-Certified Gambling Treatment Counselors with no out of pocket costs! 


Mindfulness: This deserves its's own section as it can be so helpful during stress!

     Learning about mindfulness 

     ​Mindfulness for healthy living (USC resources, including videos to help learn mindfulness)

     Mindful: healthy mind, healthy life (Lots of resources and daily tips for mindfulness)

     Insight Timer (free app with lots of free meditations and mindfulness practices)

     UCLA Mindful (free app with guided mindfulness/meditations)
     Calm (app with some free content but most content requires membership)
     Headspace (app with some free content but most content requires membership)

If you are experiencing a MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS, there are crisis lines available 24 hours/day:

• Yamhill County Crisis line: (844) 842-8200

• YouthLine- Call 1-877-968-8491 or Text teen2teen to 839863 (No problem is too big or too small to text or chat about!)

• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text “CONNECT” TO 741741

• Veterans Crisis Line- Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 or Text to 83825 

• Friends for Survival, Inc.- 1-916-392-0664 - National support for survivors of suicide.

Community Resources:

     211info:  Provides assistance and resources in Oregon, including food, health, utilities, and


     Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP): also maintains a wonderful community

     resource list, as does the

     McMinnville Public Library 

     Volunteermatch.org Helps you find a great place to volunteer, matching your skills to

     community needs.

Support for parents & kids:

     Helping Children Cope with Change (from American Association of School Psychologists)

     Social and emotional development (Confident parents, confident kids)

     ChildTrends (Resources for supporting children's wellbeing)

     Connecting with your kids and teens

     Action for Healthy Kids (Includes literally hundreds of activities in their Game On Library and

     lots of Healthy Activities to Do at Home)     

Special needs:

     Social Thinking (For children struggling with sensory or social needs or on the spectrum)

     Reach Out Oregon (a way to call or chat online about your child who experiences emotional,   

     behavioral, or physical health, intellectual or developmental disabilities, or educational issues.

     Parent "warmline" is available at 833-REACH-OR (833-732-2467).

     Self Sooth Worksheets

     Autism SpeaksProvides resources to families of neurodivergent children.  They also have a   

     great blood draw toolkit.

Healthy diet options:

     Healthy Eating Plate (Harvard recommendations)

     MyPlate ​(lots of resources from the USDA, includes

           an app option and state specific resources)

     Weight Watchers (the only diet program that we can

           get behind)


     7 Minute Workout 

     Easy Everyday Fitness Ideas

     11 Free Workouts You Can Stream

Kid Specific (also see healthy activities above):

     PE with the Trailblazers

     Kids Daily Exercise (youtube daily exercise videos)

Help for those who speak spanish only (asistencia para quienes solo hablan español, incluida la aplicacion para OHP):

     Unidos Bridging Community

Request free condoms mailed out: onecondoms.com

So many free and wonderful resources, we will try to continue to update!

Providing excellent and caring health care in partnership with patients and families!