Providing excellent and caring health care in partnership with patients and families!



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Mission & Values


Our mission is to provide excellent and caring health care in

partnership with patients and families. 

Our Values

Caring, Compassion and Respect: Recognizing the unique

circumstances and physique of each person in this world, individualizing treatment to best suit them, and protecting their privacy. This includes listening to concerns, answering questions, and coordinating care to get the services needed when they are needed.

Partnership: Working together, using up-to-date research to offer non-medical and medical treatment options to improve the health of individuals and families. This includes offering treatment options that best fit the circumstances and desires of the patient, including alternative treatment modalities as indicated.

Stewardship and Flexibility: Caring wisely and well for people, resources, and the Earth: developing and maintaining optimal health. This includes minimizing use of external substances when possible, caring for each person through prevention and early treatment (includes typical same-day or next-day appointment availability, after-hours help, and alternatives to urgent care or the emergency room).

Our Goal

Sunrise Family Clinic's goal is to provide a welcoming caring environment where people feel supported in improving their health.