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SBHC Referrals

Teachers, school staff, and community partners

Want to refer a McMinnville School District student to the SBHC, for

medical, mental health, or dental hygiene care (eg. cleaning, sealants)?

Send us student (and/or your) contact information and why the refer-       ral is requested.  Parent contact information (or why that is not    available) is much appreciated as well: in accordance with state law, parental consent is required for students <14 years of age for mental health, <15 for physical health, and parental involvement is encouraged for all.

  • E-mail (it is protected  e-mail) 
  • Call (503) 565-5300 during reception hours
  • Call our main office any business day at (503) 474-3600


No PCP or unable to get your child into your PCP?  If you need acute or primary care for your child in the McMinnville School district, please contact us.  We are happy to send any visit notes to your primary care provider if applicable, please let us know.  When contacting us, please give all relevant details and contact information.

  • E-mail (it is protected  e-mail)
  • Call (503) 565-5300 during reception hours
  • Call our main office any business day at (503) 474-3600